Teleport, our monthly selection of the best immersive content

Each month, we pick the best immersive movies, games, experiences, music videos and branded entertainment out there. Welcome to Teleport #0, a selection of what we enjoyed most in 2015.

For this inaugural edition of Teleport (#0), we look back on 2015 which provided hundreds of really enjoyable immersive experiences. Narrowing down each category was not an easy task. 360° videos are viewable using any Cardboard-like headset. Some 360° shorts and VR experiences require you to download an app (iOS or Android), while most of the games and interactive contents listed here were designed for the Samsung GearVR or Oculus Rift headset, and should be downloaded from the MilkVR or Oculus Store using your device. Here’s what made us trip out in 2015.

Animated short films

Google Spotlight Stories Presents: Special Delivery (mobile 360° video)

Produced by Aardman studios for Google’s Spotlight Stories mobile storytelling platform, “Special Delivery” is a beautiful animated short film featuring interactive triggers that change the plot depending on where you look. On mobile, the film should be viewed using the YouTube or Google Spotlight App. On desktop, using Chrome or Firefox.
Download the Google Spotlight Stories app for iOS
Download the Google Spotlight Stories app for Android

Rosebud (VR short film for GearVR)

Rose (GearVR)
“Rosebud” is a preview version of “The Rose and I”, a 3D animated virtual reality short inspired by “The Little Prince” that will be premiering at Sundance New Frontier 2016. Produced by Penrose Studios using the Unreal engine, “Rosebud” can be viewed in the ROSE app, which is available for GearVR in the Oculus Store.

Live action short films

Gone (10-part series for GearVR)

Produced by WEVR & Skybound Entertainment, the producers of “The Walking Dead”, “Gone” is a 10-part interactive thriller about a missing girl in which you are invited to solve the mystery by activating alternative views revealing clues. Available on the Samsung MilkVR portal (requires a GearVR headset).

Google Spotlight Stories Presents: Help (mobile 360° video)

Produced by The Mill, “Help” is a 360° sci-fi action short film from “Fast & Furious” director Justin Lin that was created for Google’s Spotlight Stories mobile storytelling platform. Once you’ve installed the Spotlight Stories app on your phone, prepare for another hefty 960mb download.
Download the Google Spotlight Stories app for iOS
Download the Google Spotlight Stories app for Android


The Displaced (360° video)

Produced by for the New York Times, this moving 11-minute documentary tells the stories of refugee children forced from their homes by war or persecution. The film can be viewed on a smartphone using the free NYT VR app, which features some other great pieces of 360° content, or using the VRSE player above.
Download the NYT VR app for iOS
Download the NYT VR app for Android

Waves of Grace (360° video)

Directed by Gabo Arora and Chris Milk, “Waves of Grace” is another stunning documentary produced by, this time for the United Nations. The 10-minute film follows the story of an Ebola virus survivor in Liberia who uses her immunity to help others affected by the disease. It can be viewed on a smartphone using the free VRSE app, which features some other great pieces of 360° content, or using the VRSE player above.
Download the VRSE app for iOS
Download the VRSE app for Android

VR experiences

War of Words VR (app)

Produced by BDH, “War of Words VR” launched as a companion app to the BBC’s feature length documentary “War of Words: Soldier Poets of the Somme” about the poets and writers who served in the battle of the Somme, one of World War One’s most famous battles. An original and unusual way to experience poetry.
Download iOS version (Appstore)
Download Android version (Google Play)

Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story (app)

Playing with every cliché in the horror genre, this short (4 mn) experience produced by Otherworld Interactive is actually one of the scariest we tried. Be careful which way you turn your head, as this will influence the outcome.
Download iOS version (Appstore)
Download Android version (Google Play)

Music videos

Fort Minor – Welcome (360° video)

Directed by Jeff Nicholas, produced by The Uprising Creative.

The Donnies The Amys – Runaround (360° video)

Directed by Rose Troche, produced by Specular Theory.

Arjan van Meerten – Surge (app for Oculus)

Produced and directed by Arjan van Meerten for House of Secrets.
Download app from Oculus Share


Land’s End (Samsung GearVR)

Created for the GearVR by Ustwo, makers of the splendid “Monument Valley” mobile game, “Land’s End” is definitely the most rewarding game experience we’ve enjoyed in VR. A slow-paced, visually stunning puzzler, “Land’s End” sometimes feels like a new take on “Monument Valley”, while pushing the immersion much, much deeper. The kind of game you’ll show your friends trying a VR headset for the first time.
Available from the Oculus Store ($7.99)

Esper 2 (Samsung Gear VR)

A sequel to “Esper”, one of the launch games for Samsung’s GearVR, “Esper 2” is a fun first person adventure produced by Coatsink in which you use telekinetic powers to solve puzzles. Highly entertaining and – at times – reminiscent of Portal’s quirky humor.
Available from the Oculus Store ($9.99)

Branded content

Battle for the Avengers Tower (360° video)

Produced by Framestore VR for Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” marketing campaign.

The North Face: Nepal (360° video)

Produced by Jaunt Studios for The North Face. The film was also used in several retail locations, and distributed to Outside Magazine subscribers along with a Cardboard viewer. Full experience available in the Jaunt Player app.
Download iOS version (Appstore)
Download Android version (Google Play)

Header image by Matt Niemi

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